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Truckload Offerings



· Air-ride Equipment: Suspension constantly adjusts to changing road and load conditions. The smoother air ride helps reduce vibration to the vehicle and other on-board equipment, hardware, electronics, and delicate freight.

· Pallet Exchanges: We have the capability to offer pallet exchanges upon request.

· Loading, Unloading & Inside Delivery: We also adapt our services to match our client’s specialized handling needs. If you have a specific handling requirement, just let us know. We have modified, and will continue to modify our service offerings to provide for our client’s individual needs.

· Hazmat Authority: Dangerous goods are substances that may be corrosive, flammable, explosive, spontaneously combustible, toxic, oxidizing, radioactive, biological, water reactive or gases under pressure or liquefied.Hazardous substances are substances with the potential to harm health. They can be gases, liquids or solids, and can be either pure substances or mixtures. Hazardous substances are classified according to their long term health effects, while dangerous goods are classified by their immediate physical and / or chemical effects. Hazardous materials are other materials that may have hazardous properties, and include dangerous goods, hazardous substances, scheduled poisons, hazardous wastes and environmental pollutants. Great Western categorizes all these materials together under the title “Hazardous Materials” or “HAZMATS” as they are commonly called.

· Customs Bonded Shipments: We have the capability of handling the movement of your Customs Bonded shipments.

LE Logistics offers the following additional services: Lift gate services, sorting and segregating, de-vanning of containerized goods, palletizing and shrink wrapping, storage, distribution,and re-delivery services.

Whether dry, flatbed, or refrigerated, our truckload experts will get you the most competitive rates

Whether dry, flatbed, or refrigerated, our truckload experts will get you the most competitive rates